[libvirt] [PATCH] qemu: Remove extraneous space in function prototypes

Martin Kletzander mkletzan at redhat.com
Thu Jul 24 14:18:55 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 09:31:33AM -0400, John Ferlan wrote:
>During review of the iSCSI hostdev series, eblake noted that the
>prototypes shouldn't have the extranenous space between the "*" and
>the function name:
>Since it was more invasive than 1 or 2 lines - I said I'd send a
>patch covering this once committed.
>Signed-off-by: John Ferlan <jferlan at redhat.com>
>NOTE: There are other instances of this in other trees - I figured
>I'd just cover this particular directory.  I can do more if desired...

Not that it's required (because there's a LOT of those), but if you
will, I'd have a hint.  If you modify bracket-spacing.pl with diff
that follows, you can then run (because by default bracket-spacing.pl
runs only on .c files):

git ls-files | grep '\.[hc]$' | xargs build-aux/bracket-spacing.pl

And you'll have a rough idea.  I'm sure there are many false positives
and true negatives, so syntax-check cannot be probably created out of

diff --git i/build-aux/bracket-spacing.pl
index e4ae8f0..cda5f2a 100755
--- i/build-aux/bracket-spacing.pl
+++ w/build-aux/bracket-spacing.pl
@@ -155,6 +155,13 @@ foreach my $file (@ARGV) {
             $ret = 1;
+        while ($data =~ /^[a-zA-Z _]*\* [a-zA-Z]/) {
+            print "$file:$.: $line";
+            $ret = 1;
+            last;
+        }
     close FILE;

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