[libvirt] Release of libvirt-python-1.2.10

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Mon Nov 3 09:21:43 UTC 2014

 I also tagged and pushed a new version of libvirt-python,
it is available at:


it handle the new header split in libvirt-1.2.10 and fixes a
number of issues:

d Change the comment in getPyNodeCPUCount method reflecting correct called methods (Pradipta Kr. Banerjee)

Bug Fixes:
b virDomainBlockCopy: initialize flags to 0 (Pavel Hrdina)
b flags cannot get right value for blockCopy function (Pavel Hrdina)
b Fix rest of unsigned integer handling (Peter Krempa)
b Fix parsing of 'flags' argument for bulk stats functions (Luyao Huang)
b Fix function name when parsing arguments in libvirt_virNodeAllocPages (Peter Krempa)

i fix libvirt headers list (Dmitry Guryanov)
i Improve error output when use getTime with a nonzero flags. (Luyao Huang)
i setup.py: fix rpm build to return 1 on error (Pavel Hrdina)
i sanitytest: define long for python version >= 3 (Martin Kletzander)
i sanitytest: count with the fact that large enums can be long (Martin Kletzander)
i sanitytest: check for exported enums (Martin Kletzander)

  Thanks everybody who contributed to this release !


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