[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: libvirt maintenance release

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Sun Nov 16 16:46:25 UTC 2014

libvirt maintenance release is now available. This is
libvirt 1.2.9 with additional bugfixes that have accumulated
upstream since the initial release.

This release can be downloaded at:


Changes in this version:

* qemu: Don't try to parse -help for new QEMU
* qemu: Always set migration capabilities
* nwfilter: fix deadlock caused updating network device and nwfilter
* qemuPrepareNVRAM: Save domain conf only if domain's persistent
* Do not crash on gluster snapshots with no host name
* Display nicer error message for unsupported chardev hotplug
* Fix virDomainChrEquals for spicevmc
* qemu: Update fsfreeze status on domain state transitions
* network: fix call virNetworkEventLifecycleNew when networkStartNetwork
* Require at least one console for LXC domain
* Do not probe for power mgmt capabilities in lxc emulator
* util: fix releasing pidfile in cleanup
* qemu: stop NBD server after successful migration
* qemu: make sure capability probing process can start
* util: Introduce virPidFileForceCleanupPath
* qemu: make advice from numad available when building commandline
* qemu: Release nbd port from migrationPorts instead of remotePorts
* qemu: better error message when block job can't succeed
* test: Add test to verify helpers used for backing file name parsing
* storage: Fix crash when parsing backing store URI with schema
* remote: fix jump depends on uninitialised value
* qemu_agent: Produce more readable error messages
* qemu: forbid snapshot-delete --children-only on external snapshot
* tests: Add SELINUX_LIBS to fix viridentitytest linker bug
* qemu: migration: Make check for empty hook XML robust
* qemu: restore: Fix restoring of VM when the restore hook returns empty
* util: string: Add helper to check whether string is empty
* virsh: domain: Use global constant for XML file size limit
* qemu: Fix hot unplug of SCSI_HOST device
* qemu: unref cfg after TerminateMachine has been called
* Add virCgroupTerminateMachine stub
* qemu: use systemd's TerminateMachine to kill all processes
* util: Prepare URI formatting for libxml2 >= 2.9.2
* security_selinux: Don't relabel /dev/net/tun
* util: eliminate "use after free" in callers of virNetDevLinkDump
* CVE-2014-7823: dumpxml: security hole with migratable flag
* qemu: x86_64 is good enough for i686
* qemu: Don't compare CPU against host for TCG
* qemu_command: Split qemuBuildCpuArgStr

For info about past maintenance releases, see:



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