[libvirt] [libvirt-glib] Add gvir_domain_open_graphics_fd()

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) zeeshanak at gnome.org
Wed Nov 19 17:44:16 UTC 2014

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 4:31 PM, Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 02:10:11PM +0000, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:
>> However, there is still the issue of this API not being convenient for
>> app if it takes a GVirConfigDomainGraphics *. They'll have to get the
>> GVirConfigDomain pointer and get list of devices and and find the
>> graphics device themselves while most domains have just one graphics
>> device typically.
> We could abuse the meaning of a NULL VirConfigDomainGraphics to mean
> index 0. Note that I did not suggest not having the 'index' API at all
> as we probably want to have it for consistency, but that my question was
> about having an additional API which is probably nicer when you have
> multiple graphics nodes in your libvirt domain definition.

Hmm.. sure.


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
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