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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v1 0/6] ivshmem support

On Wed, Sep 03, 2014 at 12:56:00PM +0200, Maxime Leroy wrote:
Hello Martin,

Let me summarize the points we need for the next patchset version:

1) merge patches
 - doc: schema, conf: Parse and format and tests ( for xml2xml ) into
doc: schema: conf: Add shmem node
 - qemu: Build comand, qemu: Add cap flag CAPS_IVSHMEM, and tests
(for xml2argv) into qemu: add ivshmem support

2) parsing shmem
 - remove <shmem> 'model' attribute
 - use _uip instand of ui
 - check size >= 1M

I don't know how and where we ended up with this, but feel free to
keep this in the parsing code, we can make it lax (or move it to
qemu.*PortParse() any time in the future.

 - remove loop to parse childreen nodes
 - path attribute is optional, default path is

3) tests:
- add pci addresses in the XML

4) xml format

- no ivshmem server:

 <shmem name='shmem0'> (name is a mandatory attribute)
   <size unit='M'>32</size> (optionnal, default value: 4MB, size >=
1M and power of 2)

I also had problems running qemu with size > 4MB, but I don't know
where the problem was.  We should do anything we can so that qemu
doesn't fail (if there's the possibility).

Just add the restrictions into the documentation, please.


- ivshmem server with no path to the socket file

 <shmem name='shmem0'> (name is a mandatory attribute)
      <msi vectors='32' ioeventfd='on'/> (optionnal)
   <size unit='M'>32</size> (optionnal)

 default path is : /var/run/libvirt/ivshmem-server/<name>-sock

- ivshmem server with path to a specific socket file

 <shmem name='shmem0'>
   <server path='/tmp/shmem0-sock'>
      <msi vectors='32' ioeventfd='on'/> (optionnal)
   <size unit='M'>32</size> (optionnal)

The name attribute is only needed if libvirt starts the ivshmem server.
In the case of the ivshmem-server is already running, the path
attribute is enough.
To simplify, I think the name attribute should be always mandatory ?

That's fine with me, we can always make it optional later on.

What do you think about this new xml format ?

Looks great, I'd just add one little bit, which I probably mentioned
it earlier.  I think that whatever the last patch (ivshmem server
starting) will enable in the XML (e.g. <server start="yes">) should be
disabled in the first part (probably during parsing).  Would that be
OK with you?

5) ivshmem server

- remame virStartIvshmemServer to virIvshmemServerStart
- call virIvshmemServerStart in qemuProcessStart instead to
- autostart/stop ivshmem server

I really like the idea to use the new option '-q' to stop
automatically the server and the new option to pass the fd to
ivshmem-server and qemu. It's an elegant solution. ;)

Good to hear that.

Anyway, I need to wait to see if theses options can be integrated in
qemu before to submit a new patchset for libvirt.

Feel free to leave the server part for later if you want to
concentrate on the first shmem part only now.

Everything looks fine, I think the next version might get in (unless
somebody finds something both of us missed) :)

Have a nice day,

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