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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv5 0/8] bulk stats: QEMU implementation

On 09/15/14 10:48, Francesco Romani wrote:
> This patchset enhances the QEMU support
> for the new bulk stats API to include
> equivalents of these APIs:
> virDomainBlockInfo
> virDomainGetInfo - for balloon stats
> virDomainGetCPUStats
> virDomainBlockStatsFlags
> virDomainInterfaceStats
> virDomainGetVcpusFlags
> virDomainGetVcpus
> This subset of API is the one oVirt relies on.
> Scale/stress test on an oVirt test environment is in progress.
> The patchset is organized as follows:
> - the first patch enhances the internal stats gathering API
>   to accomodate the needs of the groups which extract information
>   using QEMU monitor jobs.
> - the next five patches implement the bulk stats groups, extracting
>   helpers where do refactoring to extract internal helpers every time
>   it is feasible and convenient.
> - the seventh patch enhances the virsh domstats command with options
>   to use the new bulk stats.
> - the last patch enhances the block stats group adding the wr_highest_offset
>   information, needed by oVirt for thin provisioned disks.
> ChangeLog
> v5: address reviewer's comment
> - Eric pointed out a possible flaw in balloon stats if QEMU monitor needs
>   to be queried. A proper fix require further discussion and API changes
>   (possbily just a new flag); However, since the balloon event is available
>   in QEMU >= 1.2, I just dropped the query and relied on the event instead.
>   Support for older QEMUs will be reintroduced, if needed, with following
>   patches.
> - fix: per-domain monitor check and reporting. (pointed out by Peter)
> - reset last error when fail silently. (pointed out by Peter)

The changes look good. I've done a few finishing touches and I'm going
to give the series some testing before pushing. The series should be
pushed by today after I finish.

Thanks for your cooperation in finishing this.


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