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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 1/3] maint: clean up _virDomainInterfaceStats

On 2014/9/16 21:51, Eric Blake wrote:

> On 09/16/2014 07:19 AM, James wrote:
>> I clean up all _virDomainInterfaceStats.
>> Signed-off-by: James <james wangyufei huawei com>
> Generally, we prefer authorship information to list a full name.  Based
> on your email address, would "James Wangyufei" be more appropriate than
> just "James"?  It's also okay if you'd like to list your name in native
> characters; git supports UTF-8 encoding just fine.
> At any rate, ACK to the patch, and I can push it once we figure out your
> desired attribution line.


These patches need to be reviewed

[PATCH V3 0/3] Some improvements for video model
[PATCH V3 1/3] qemu: Hide vram attribute for some useless cases.
[PATCH V3 2/3] qemu: Introduce vgamem attribute for video model
[PATCH V3 3/3] qemu: Add secondary-vga support

[PATCH 0/3] lxc: Implement emulator pin APIs to set/get cpuset
[PATCH 1/3] lxc: Implement pin emulator for container
[PATCH 2/3] lxc: Implement emulator pin API in lxc driver
[PATCH 3/3] lxc: Implement geting emulator pin info API in lxc driver

[PATCH RFC] qemu: make time adjustment persistent if RTC changes in guest

Are there any problems with them? If there are, we can do something further to fix them.

Best Regards

Wang Yufei

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