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Re: [libvirt] Entering freeze for libvirt-1.2.9

On 09/29/2014 12:01 PM, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> Hey,
> On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 02:03:18PM +0200, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>>   I have tagged the release candidate 1 for libvirt-1.2.9 in git,
>> and pushed signed tarballs and rpms to the usual place:
>>    ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/
>>  This seems to work fine with my limited testing, but more people
>> need to give it a try !
>>   I expect to provide a release candidate 2 possibly on Monday,
>> and shooting for a release on the 1st October if everything goes
>> well.
> I'm having issues with latest git and managed saves. I'm using a VM
> created by GNOME Boxes with an older libvirt release.
> $ virsh start fedora20
> (wait a bit)
> $ virsh managedsave fedora20
> $ virsh start fedora20
> error: Failed to start domain fedora20
> error: unsupported configuration: host doesn't support invariant TSC
> --force-boot works and this managedsave/start issue can be reproduced.

Unfortunately --force-boot will only fix it until the next managedsave.

I've sent a patch:

When do I get my paper bag?


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