[libvirt] [PATCH V2 0/3] libxl: domain destroy fixes

Jim Fehlig jfehlig at suse.com
Fri Apr 3 22:15:36 UTC 2015

Jim Fehlig wrote:
> V2 of a small series to fix issues wrt domain destroy
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/libvir-list/2015-March/msg01337.html
> Comments from Konrad and Martin are addressed in this version.
> Jim Fehlig (3):
>   libxl: Move job acquisition in libxlDomainStart to callers
>   libxl: acquire a job when destroying a domain
>   libxl: drop virDomainObj lock when destroying a domain

While testing this series along with some ref counting improvements
suggested by Martin, I noticed a few other places where
libxl_domain_destroy is called with virDomainObj locked.  I'm going to
post a V3 that changes 3/3 to provide a wrapper for unlocking,
destroying, and locking the domain.  Existing libxl_domain_destroy
callers are changed to use the wrapper.


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