[libvirt] building xen and libvirt with odd --prefix fails

Olaf Hering olaf at aepfle.de
Thu Apr 16 08:17:24 UTC 2015

My xen is configured with "--prefix=/odd/path --enable-rpath".  My
libvirt is configured with "env PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/odd/path/share/pkgconfig
bash -x autogen.sh --without-xen --with-libxl". Now make in libvirt fails
to find "xen/xen.h" needed by xenconfig/xen_common.c, I think it expects
it in /usr/include. But I have no xen-devel.rpm installed.

I wonder if there are wrong assumptions in libvirt about xen. Since a
while xen has a xenlight.pc which contains the required info to find
headers and libs. Can there ever be a case where libxl is somewhere else
than libxenstore and whatever else is provided by xen? I think they
always go into the very same place.

So shouldnt libvirt be updated to first check for xenlight.pc, and use
the result for everything related to xen? I think that would work for
every xen version which has a xenlight.pc (4.5+).

And initially I did not pass the matching --prefix to libvirts configure.
Even with matching --prefix libvirt does not look in $prefix/include for
xen/xen.h, even with --includedir=$prefix/include.


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