[libvirt] [PATCH 1/7] virutil: Introduce virIsValidHostname

John Ferlan jferlan at redhat.com
Mon Apr 20 19:25:29 UTC 2015

>> As a hindsight from reviewing 6/7. This function should also be in
>> virsocketaddr.c
> hmmm.. yes I see.. Guess I got hung up on "virSocketAddr..." and didn't
> focus as closely on the implementation where virSocketAddrParse can take
> NULL as the first parameter... Guess, that means patches 2-5 can just be
> called as:
>     if (virSocketAddrParse(NULL, pool->def->source.hosts[0].name,
> AF_UNSPEC) < 0)

Without actually trying it - seemed like a good idea; however, the 
virSocketAddrParse uses/sets "hints.ai_flags = AI_NUMERICHOST;" thus
it requires a numeric value and not one that could be a name or a
number, so it seems this particular code cannot use it.

I really see those virSocketAddr* API's as different, very specific
to supporting the network socket's and socket address formats; whereas,
this code will take a string representation of either the name or
the number as provided in the XML and validate it.

I don't think this set of API's belongs there as it's not manipulating

So, I'll change the function intro to:

 * Unlike virGetHostname, this variant of the code receives a hostname and
 * retrieves the getaddrinfo. If the passed hostname can be successfully
 * resolved via getaddrinfo, then return true; otherwise, if the hostname
 * cannot be resolved for any reason, return false.


remove the localhost specific checking

and adjust the commit message to remove the 'getnameinfo' reference.


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