[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: libvirt maintenance release

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Tue Apr 28 16:15:31 UTC 2015

libvirt is now available. This is a maintenance release of
libvirt 1.2.13 with additional bugfixes that have accumulated
upstream since the initial release.

This release can be downloaded at:


Changes in this version:

* Fix memory leak in virNetSocketNewConnectUNIX
* rng: fix port number range validation
* qemu: Don't fail to reboot domains with unresponsive agent
* vircommand: fix polling in virCommandProcessIO
* util: storage: Fix possible crash when source path is NULL
* qemu: set macvtap physdevs online when macvtap is set online
* util: set MAC address for VF via netlink message to PF+VF# when
* xend: Remove a couple of unused function prototypes.
* qemuDomainShutdownFlags: Set fakeReboot more frequently
* nwfilter: Partly initialize driver even for non-privileged users
* virNetSocketNewConnectUNIX: Don't unlink(NULL)
* sanlock: Use VIR_ERR_RESOURCE_BUSY if sanlock_acquire fails
* qemuMigrationPrecreateStorage: Fix debug message
* qemu_migration.c: sleep first before checking for migration status.
* qemu_driver: check caps after starting block job
* qemu_migrate: use nested job when adding NBD to cookie
* util: fix removal of callbacks in virCloseCallbacksRun
* qemu: fix race between disk mirror fail and cancel
* qemu: fix error propagation in qemuMigrationBegin
* qemu: fix crash in qemuProcessAutoDestroy
* qemu: blockCopy: Pass adjusted bandwidth when called via blockRebase
* virsh: blockCopy: Add missing jump on error path
* qemu: end the job when try to blockcopy to non-file destination
* nodeinfo: Increase the num of CPU thread siblings to a larger value
* relaxng: allow : in /dev/disk/by-path names
* qemu: Give hint about -noTSX CPU model
* build: fix race when creating the cpu_map.xml symlink
* Don't validata filesystem target type
* Document behavior of compat when creating qcow2 volumes
* Fix typo in error message
* qemu: change accidental VIR_WARNING back to VIR_DEBUG
* conf: fix parsing of NUMA settings in VM status XML
* qemu: skip precreation of network disks
* qemu: do not overwrite the error in qemuDomainObjExitMonitor
* libxl: Don't overwrite errors from xenconfig
* util: more verbose error when failing to create macvtap device
* qemu: hotplug: Use checker function to check if disk is empty
* qemu: driver: Fix cold-update of removable storage devices
* qemu: Check for negative port values in network drive configuration
* virsh: fix report of non-active commit completion
* util: don't fail if no PortData is found while getting migrateData
* Clarify the meaning of version in redirdev filters
* xenapi: Resolve Coverity REVERSE_INULL
* xenapi: Resolve Coverity REVERSE_INULL
* xenapi: Resolve Coverity NULL_RETURNS
* xenapi: Resolve Coverity NO_EFFECT
* xenapi: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
* RNG: Allow multiple parameters to be passed to an interface filter
* domain_conf: fix crash in virDomainObjListFindByUUIDInternal
* {domain, network}_conf: disable autostart when deleting config
* qemu: Remove unnecessary virReportError on networkGetNetworkAddress
* virQEMUCapsInitQMP: Don't dispose locked @vm
* qemu: fix memory leak in qemuAgentGetFSInfo
* docs: add a note that spice channel is usable only with spice graphics
* locking: Fix flags in virLockManagerLockDaemonNew
* tests: fix qemuxml2argvtest to be arch independent
* tests: Add test for virtio-mmio address type
* qemu: Allow spaces in disk serial
* storage: tweak condition to properly test lseek
* virsh: tweak domif-getlink link state reporting message
* qemu: snapshot: Don't skip check for qcow2 format with network disks
* networkLookupByUUID: Improve error message
* qemuProcessReconnect: Fill in pid file path
* tests : Add test for 'ppc64le' architecture.
* RNG: Add 'ppc64le' arch and newer pseries-2.* machine types
* schema: Fix interface link state schema
* conf: De-duplicate scheduling policy enums
* qemu: Don't crash in qemuDomainOpenChannel()
* virsh.pod: Update find-storage-pool-sources[-as] man page
* iscsi: Adjust error message for findStorageSources backend
* virsh.pod: Add information regarding LXC for setmem, memtune, and
* docs: add a note that attr 'managed' is only used by PCI devices
* Check if domain is running in qemuDomainAgentIsAvailable
* Pass virDomainObjPtr to qemuDomainAgentAvailable
* Check for qemu guest agent availability after getting the job
* storage: fs: Ignore volumes that fail to open with EACCESS/EPERM
* domain: conf: Don't validate VM ostype/arch at daemon startup
* domain: conf: Better errors on bad os <type> values
* spec: Point fedora --with-loader-nvram at nightly firmware repo
* configure: Report --with-loader-nvram value in summary
* configure: Fix --loader-nvram typo
* cpu: Add {Haswell,Broadwell}-noTSX CPU models
* domcaps: Check for architecture more wisely
* daemon: Clear fake domain def object that is used to check ACL prior
  to use
* util: identity: Harden virIdentitySetCurrent()
* qemu: Always refresh capabilities if no <guests> found
* qemu: Build nvram directory at driver startup
* qemu: Build channel autosocket directory at driver startup
* virQEMUDriverGetConfig: Fix memleak
* qemu: chown autoDumpPath on driver startup
* qemu: conf: Clarify paths that are relative to libDir
* Strip control codes in virBufferEscapeString
* util: buffer: Add support for adding text blocks with indentation
* Ignore storage volumes with control codes in their names
* Strip control characters from sysfs attributes
* Add functions dealing with control characters in strings
* tests: rename testStripIPv6BracketsData to testStripData
* lxc: fix starting a domain with non-strict numa memory mode
* lxc: fix starting a domain with a cpuset but no numatune
* virsh: fix regression in 'virsh event' by domain
* virsh: Improve change-media success message
* virNetSocketNewConnectUNIX: Use flocks when spawning a daemon
* rpc: Don't unref identity object while callbacks still can be executed
* lxc: create the required directories upon driver start
* qemu: read backing chain names from qemu
* daemon: avoid memleak when ListAll returns nothing
* qemu: don't fill in nicindexes for session mode libvirtd

For info about past maintenance releases, see:



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