[libvirt] [PATCH 0/6] Resolve some Coverity errors and other issues found

Pavel Hrdina phrdina at redhat.com
Mon Jan 12 07:36:53 UTC 2015

On 01/09/2015 05:02 PM, John Ferlan wrote:
> With the build fix, my coverity build worked again (good), but found
> more issues (boo).
> Consider these changes partially as a replacement for Pavel's patch:
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/libvir-list/2015-January/msg00240.html
> with some additional changes for checks that need to be made in failure
> path scenario.  I didn't make any of the code formatting changes Pavel
> had made for virDomainNetIpsFormat, but I can do that. I just wanted to
> get these on the list for a comparison. Additionally, Pavel's change for
> virDomainNetRoutesFormat didn't take into account that the alloc's are
> done in a for loop, so both the VIR_FREE's needed to be done in the loop.
> There are still some Coverity issues left over after this, but I'm not
> quite sure how to fix them, hence the reply on the Xen-xl parser:
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/libvir-list/2015-January/msg00243.html
> John Ferlan (6):
>    openvz: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK
>    openvz: Check errors from virSocketAddrFormat
>    domain_conf: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK
>    domain_conf: Check errors from virSocketAddrFormat
>    xenconfig: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK
>    virconf: Resolve a possible memory leak in virConfSetValue
>   src/conf/domain_conf.c     | 32 ++++++++++++++++++++++++--------
>   src/openvz/openvz_driver.c |  3 +++
>   src/util/virconf.c         |  4 +++-
>   src/xenconfig/xen_xl.c     |  6 +++---
>   4 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

Oh, thanks for noticing that the code was ignoring return values. I've
just blindly looked at the memory leaks and fixed them without wondering
if there is anything else wrong.

ACK to the series except the 5/6 patch for xen_xl parser as there is a
new series waiting for review which will revert the code and introduce
a new approach to parse the xen xl configuration.


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