[libvirt] Git repository browsing online?

Eric Blake eblake at redhat.com
Fri Jan 16 18:07:27 UTC 2015

On 01/16/2015 11:00 AM, Gary R Hook wrote:
> Warning: possibly rhetorical or already answered question ahead.
> Why is the git repository that is located here:
>     http://libvirt.org/git/?p=libvirt-appdev-guide.git;a=summary
> which is pointed to by this page here:
>     http://www.libvirt.org/downloads.html
> Only valid up to 13 Aug 2012?

Because no one has submitted patches for it since then.  Patches welcome.

> If I pull a copy down from the link on the downloads page:
>     git clone git://libvirt.org/libvirt-appdev-guide.git
> I get what appears to be a current clone.
> I'm sure I have missed something somewhere, but shouldn't/couldn't the
> downloads page be up-to-date? Even if only to say, "no online browsing"

At this point, if no one steps up as an appdev guide contributor, it may
be worth tweaking the downloads page to mention that the appdev guide is
currently stale; patches also welcome for that (libvirt.git is the owner
of the source for the downloads.html page).

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