[libvirt] [PATCH] cpu: add Freescale ppc64 CPU models

Prerna Saxena prerna at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Jan 29 12:07:57 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 27 January 2015 06:53 AM, Hong-Hua.Yin at freescale.com wrote:
> Hi Prerna,
> Currently, cpu_powerpc.c only support IBM ppc64 CPU models.
> Could your please help review the previous patch? With this patch, Freescale ppc64 CPU modesl could also be recognized.
> # virsh cpu-models ppc64
> POWER7_v2.1
> POWER7_v2.3
> POWER7+_v2.1
> POWER8_v1.0
> POWERPC_e5500_v10
> POWERPC_e5500_v11
> POWERPC_e5500_v12
> POWERPC_e5500_v1020
> POWERPC_e6500_v10
> POWERPC_e6500_v20
> POWERPC_e6500_v120
> But PowerPC 32bit is still recognized as 'generic architecture'.
> # virsh cpu-models ppc
> error: failed to get CPU model names
> error: internal error: cannot find CPU map for generic architecture
> Is there any plan to support ppc 32bit CPU models in cpu_powerpc.c file?
Hi Olivia,
The current implementation only supports ppc64 architecture. Either the current driver needs to be extended for ppc 32 bit too, or new handler functions need to be implemented for 32 bit PowerPC.
I do not have a 32 bit PowerPC system to try this.

Patches are welcome, and I will be happy to help with reviews :-)


Prerna Saxena

Linux Technology Centre,
IBM Systems and Technology Lab,
Bangalore, India

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