[libvirt] Serial connection between guests

Marcelo Ricardo Leitner mleitner at redhat.com
Fri Jul 10 19:28:46 UTC 2015


(I'm not subscribed to the list, please keep me on Cc)

I'm attempting to get a serial link between two guests, same hypervisor.
The only practical way I could find is to add a serial port using a pty
to a guest and then manually connecting to the serial (console in my
case) of the other guest using socat in the hypervisor.

Then it made me think.. we could have this implemented at libvirt level.
We could have a serial port on which we choose pty, udp, tcp, etc, and
also a serial port from another guest, so that libvirt would handle
socat start/stop automatically as both guests come up/down. Maybe
libvirt could even do something smarter than that, maybe it can avoid
socat somehow.

What do you think? My usage is for virtualizing TAHI:
I need 2 ethernet links plus a serial one, which TAHI can't break while
running the tests.

I didn't think this regarding multi-platform & all.. just sharing the


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