[libvirt] Libvirt error in Openstack Tempest attaching disk on arm64 system

Clark Laughlin clark.laughlin at linaro.org
Wed Jul 22 19:53:31 UTC 2015

I am running Openstack Tempest on an arm64 platform and am seeing some
test failures related to attaching volumes to an instance.  This is an
example of the disk XML generated by one of the tests:

<disk type="block" device="disk"><driver name="qemu" type="raw"
bus="virtio" dev="vdb"/><serial>5a204339-80cb-4d06-aecf-2a8a2c970b0e</serial></disk>

The test is failing with the error "XML error: No PCI buses
available".  I am trying to find the relevent source locations for
this functionality in either in the nova libvirt driver or in the
libvirt source itself.  I am not sure why I am getting an error about
no PCI buses when the bus specified in the XML is "virtio".

I would appreciate any pointers / help.

Thank you,

Clark L
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