[libvirt] How to define QEMU/SMBIOS Attributes in virsh

Holger Schranz holger at fam-schranz.de
Wed Jul 1 13:01:40 UTC 2015


I have a "request for Help" please.

I'm a native german language speaker and
I' work with qemu/virsh since 6 months now.
At the moment I try to define/configure qemu/smbios
attributes in a virsh xml-file.

My current problem:
I need to configure two on-board lan elements.
Thanks to Gerd Hoffmann (Qemu group). He gave me the hint for
smbios/acpi configuration. For this configuration I need a
type 41 record. I found on http://libvirt.org some descriptions
for smbios but only for type 0 and 1.

In qemu the solution is available:

[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 2/2] smbios: Allow device ID instead of PCI address
@@ -1336,9 +1338,10 @@ Specify SMBIOS type 0 fields Specify SMBIOS type 
1 fields
  @item -smbios
type=41,address at hidden,address at hidden,address at hidden,status=on|off][,address at hidden|n}]
address at hidden -smbios
type=41,address at hidden,address at hidden,address at hidden,status=on|off][,address at hidden|n}]
  Add SMBIOS type 41 fields (Onboard Devices Extended Information). Could be
  specified multiple times for different devices. Mandatory options are
address at hidden in form "[[<domain>:]<bus>:]<slot>.<func>" and
address at hidden in form "[[<domain>:]<bus>:]<slot>.<func>" or 
@option{id}, and
  @option{instance} number. @option{instance} shoud be in range [1, 255] and
  should be unique within specified @option{device-type}. 
@option{designation} is
  an optional string that somehow designates device. @option{status} is 
a device
@@ -1365,6 +1368,9 @@ qemu-i386 \
  -netdev user,id=hostnet0 \
  -device e1000,netdev=hostnet0,id=net0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x1f \
  -smbios type=41,address=00:1f.0,instance=1,designation="NIC
1",device-type=ethernet \
+-netdev user,id=hostnet1 \
+-device e1000,netdev=hostnet1,id=net1 \
+-smbios type=41,id=net1,instance=2,designation="NIC 
2",device-type=ethernet \
  < ... other qemu options ... >
  @end example

So my question: How can I configure such record in a virsh xml-file please.

Any help is appreciated.


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