[libvirt] RFC Parallels driver renaming

Maxim Nestratov mnestratov at parallels.com
Thu May 7 16:34:09 UTC 2015

07.05.2015 18:53, Daniel P. Berrange пишет:
> So for the URI, we need to keep compatibility with existing syntax.
> That doesn't mean we can't rename the URI to have a vz:// prefix,
> but the code would have to still permit the old parallels:// prefix
> forever.
> Also, anywhere in the XML which refers to the parallels will have to
> continue to refer to that. For example <domain type="parallels">
> cannot be changed, and virConnectGetType() will have to continue to
> return "Parallels". I can't remember if there are any other similar
> places.
Ok. I'll keep backward compatibility in my changes.
Thank you.

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