[libvirt] [PATCH 0/2] Introduce pci-serial

Michal Privoznik mprivozn at redhat.com
Mon May 11 15:23:37 UTC 2015

On 07.05.2015 17:09, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
> On Mi, 2015-05-06 at 18:36 +0200, Michal Privoznik wrote:
>> It's very similar to usb-serial. You wouldn't guess the difference :-P
> Both are hotpluggable.   Looks like the patches don't cover that ...
> Intentional?  Does libvirt support hotplugging chardevs (which would
> pretty much required to make hotplugging serial devices useful) in the
> first place?

Yep. But since you've pointed out the hotplugging, I've tried it out and
found out some bugs we have there. So I'll post v2 with patches that
should fix the bugs.


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