[libvirt] Plans for next release

Jim Fehlig jfehlig at suse.com
Thu May 28 21:08:53 UTC 2015

On 05/28/2015 05:33 AM, Michal Privoznik wrote:
> On 27.05.2015 20:45, Jim Fehlig wrote:
>> On 05/23/2015 07:22 AM, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>>>      Hi everybody,
>>> if we want to get it by next month, we should probably freeze on Tuesday
>>> for an 1.2.16 on June 1st, we 'only' have 137 commits since 1.2.15 but
>>> sticking to the monthly release is important.
>> Hi Daniel,
>> I have a few old patches on the list that would be nice to get into
>> 1.2.16.  First is the libxl config file fixes in the spec file that we
>> postponed during the 1.2.15 release
> I think I reviewed all of them. Well, libvirt-python needs slightly
> different approach, but I think once Jim pushes the other patches, we
> are good to go.

Thanks!  I've pushed the series adding SPICE support to the libxl driver and 
sent a V2 of the patch to fixes AUTHORS in libvirt-python.git.  But you missed 
the first one :)


I suppose there is no harm delaying it until after the release, following DV's 
reasoning for delaying it during the 1.2.15 freeze



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