[libvirt] Happy Birthday Libvirt

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Mon Nov 2 09:17:51 UTC 2015

    Hello everybody,

  as the first commits were done on Nov 2 2005, libvirt is more or less
ten years old. This has been quite a bit of a journey, but a very successful
one in my opinion, the initial goal was to provide a long term stable API
for virtualization in the Red Hat ecosystem, and I'm very happy to see the
goal has been reached, and we went way beyond that. In the end I think
libvirt helped avoid the "balkanization" which is classic in highly
competitive domains where you end up with one vertical set of tools per
vendor. I also think that libvirt played a key role to keep free and open
source software in the main virtualization offerings and even more so for
cloud management systems.

  So it's time to celebrate, there is obviously lot to be done still on
libvirt (as the steady stream of patches show !), but I would like to thank
everybody who has contributed to the project so far, with a special mention
to Dan Berrange who has been leading the effort technically for most of that
time. I would also say that I have been very pelased with how the project
has been working in that decade, the community is technical but friendly,
and it's my hope libvirt, the project as well as the code, will remain as
successful for the next decade !

   So Thank You everybody, for making this project and community successful !

     Enjoy that very special day :-)


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