[libvirt] discuss libvirt with lxc don't support network type:ethenet , thanks!

Martin Kletzander mkletzan at redhat.com
Wed Nov 11 12:36:06 UTC 2015

On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 02:19:46AM +0000, Zhongguocheng wrote:
>I find that:current libvirt version with lxc hypervisor don’t support network type :Ethernet
>For example: xml is:
><domain type='lxc'>       //hypervisor is lxc
>   ……….
>   <devices>
>      <console type='pty'/>
>      <interface type="ethernet">  //network type is ethernet
>        <mac address="02:36:1d:18:2a:e4"/>
>        <ip address='' family='ipv4' prefix='24'/>
>        <model type="virtio"/>
>        <script path=""/>
>        <target dev="tap361d182a-e14"/>
>       </interface>
>    </devices>
>When I start the lxc with that xml,it will report error,and start lxc failed.
>Now I resolved it,and hope to Contribute and commit the code to libvirt.

When I searched for "libvirt contribute", the third link was to
Contributor guidelines [1].  It should mention everything you need to
know and even a bit more.


[1] https://libvirt.org/hacking.html

>What should I do?

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