[libvirt] How to disable kvm_steal_time feature

Piotr Rybicki piotr.rybicki at innervision.pl
Wed Nov 18 11:20:54 UTC 2015


I would like to workaround a bug, when after live-migration of KVM 
guest, there is a 100% steal time shown in guest.

I've read, that disabling 'kvm_steal_time' feature should workarund this 
bug, but i can't find a way to disable it in libvirt's domain xml file.

Tried in <cpu> section:
<feature policy='disable' name='kvm_steal_time'/>
but that doesn't work.

Also, couldn't find any related information in libvirt documentation. 
Google helps neither.

How can I disable this feature?

Thanks in advance.
Piotr Rybicki

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