[libvirt] Found mem leak in livirt, need help to debug

Piotr Rybicki piotr.rybicki at innervision.pl
Wed Nov 18 14:33:02 UTC 2015


There is a mem leak in libvirt, when doing external snapshot (for backup 
purposes). My KVM domain uses raw storage images via libgfapi. I'm using 
latest 1.2.21 libvirt (although previous versions act the same).

My bash script for snapshot backup uses series of shell commands (virsh 
connect to a remote libvirt host):

* virsh domblklist KVM
* qemu-img create -f qcow2 -o backing_file=gluster(...) - precreate 
backing file
* virsh snapshot-create KVM SNAP.xml (...) - create snapshot from 
precreated XML snapshot file
* cp main img file
* virsh blockcommit KVM disk (...)

Backup script works fine, however libvirtd process gets bigger and 
bigger each time I run this script.

Some proof of memleak:

32017 - libvirtd pid

When libvirt started:
# ps p 32017 o vsz,rss
    VSZ   RSS
585736 15220

When I start KVM via virsh start KVM
# ps p 32017 o vsz,rss
    VSZ   RSS
1327968 125956

When i start backup script, after snapshot is created (lots of mem 
# ps p 32017 o vsz,rss
    VSZ   RSS
3264544 537632

After backup script finished
# ps p 32017 o vsz,rss
    VSZ   RSS
3715920 644940

When i start backup script for a second time, after snapshot is created
# ps p 32017 o vsz,rss
    VSZ   RSS
5521424 1056352

And so on, until libvirt spills 'Out of memory' when connecting, ane 
being really huge process.

Now, I would like to diagnose it further, to provide detailed 
information about memleak. I tried to use valgrind, but unfortunatelly 
I'm on Opteron 6380 platform, and valgrind doesn't support XOP quitting 
witch SIGILL.

If someone could provide me with detailed information on how to get some 
usefull debug info about this memleak, i'll be more than happy to do it, 
and share results here.

Thanks in advance and best regards
Piotr Rybicki

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