[libvirt] qemuParseCommandLine and virDomainDefPostParse (and virDomaniDefAddImplicitControllers)

Laine Stump laine at laine.org
Wed Nov 18 20:19:12 UTC 2015

While playing with the idea of forcing explicit USB controller models, I 
ended up with the qemuargv2xml test failing; it ended up that this was 
because changes I had made to qemuDomainDefPostParse() were affecting 
the XML produced by qemuParseCommandline(). The reason - after 
constructing a virDomainDef object by parsing a qemu commandline, 
qemuParseCommandline() calls two functions that are supposed to be 
called after parsing domain XML - virDomainDefPostParse() (which calls 

In my opinion, qemuParseCommandLine() shouldn't be calling 
virDomainDefPostParse() (or virDomainefAddImplicitControllers(), which 
it calls in the wrong order relative to virDomainDefPostParse() BTW). 
The reasons are:

1) this is causing the argv-to-xml conversion to include things in the 
XML that were not on the original commandline, in particular "default" 
devices like PCI and USB controllers (added in qemuDomainDefPostParse() 
based on machinetype) as well as disk, smartcard, virtio-serial, and 
hostdev-scsi controllers in virDomainDefAddImplicitControllers() (why 
the duality there, anyway?)

2) If the output of argv-to-xml is used for a virDomainDefine, those 
post-parse functions will be called then, and the implicit/auto devices 
will be added at that time anyway, so in practice nothing is gained by 
adding them during argv-to-xml.

Does anyone else have an opinion about this?

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