[libvirt] [PATCH 1/3] libxl: add libxl_domain_config to libxlDomainObjPrivate

Jim Fehlig jfehlig at suse.com
Fri Nov 20 19:05:46 UTC 2015

On 11/19/2015 04:45 PM, Joao Martins wrote:

You're not going to be happy with me...

> This new field in libxlDomainObjPrivate is named "config"
> and is kept while the domain is active.

While this sounded like a good idea when I mentioned it, I'm now worried that
the config will quickly become stale and cause problems if used elsewhere (e.g.
see my yet-to-be-written comment in 3/3).  IIUC correctly, libxl_domain_config
is only useful when creating the domain. Subsequently adding/removing devices,
memory, vcpus, etc. would not be reflected in the libxl_domain_config object. I
suppose it would useful (and still valid) in the start callback, but IMO
including it in the libxlDomainPrivate struct fools us into believing it could
be used elsewhere throughout the life of the domain. I now have second doubts
about this. What do you think?


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