[libvirt] [PATCH LIBVIRT v1 0/2] Support maxvcpus (AKA >1 vcpu on Xen/ARM)

Ian Campbell ian.campbell at citrix.com
Thu Nov 26 16:58:22 UTC 2015

libvirt currently clamps the maximum number of vcpus to MAX_VIRT_CPUS
== XEN_LEGACY_MAX_VCPUS, which on ARM is 1 (because all guests are expected
to support vcpu info placement).

Even on x86 this limitation is a hold over from an older xm interface where
the maximum number of vcpus was expressed as a bitmap and so limited to the
number of bits in an unsigned long (for which XEN_LEGACY_MAX_VCPUS is a
convenient proxy), which doesn't apply to xl on x86 which uses a bitmap
data type to express larger bitmaps.

To do this it was necessary to add a new value to xenConfigVersionEnum
corresponding to this new version.

I've tested with tests/x?configtest (including new test case) on x86 and on
ARM with xlconfigtest and via domxml-from-native.

As you might infer from some of the changlogs I feel a bit like I am
abusing xendConfigVersion somewhat here (given that xl != xend, and that
real xend never went passed xend_config_version) but its use is quite
widespread in the common xl/xm support code in libvirt so a great deal of
refactoring/renaming would otherwise seem to be required. I'm open to other
ideas or suggestions though.


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