[libvirt] Release of libvirt-1.2.20

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Fri Oct 2 12:34:59 UTC 2015

  Apparently RC2 was absolutely perfect and bug-free so I tagged 1.2.20
in git and pushed signed tarball and rpms to the usual place earlier
today :


 This is a relatively small release with less than 150 commit but since
it includes a security update people are really invited to update. Of course
that's still including a decent number of bug fixes and improvements:

- storage: Handle failure from refreshVol (John Ferlan)
- storage: Correct the 'mode' check (John Ferlan)
- virfile: Introduce virFileUnlink (John Ferlan)
- docs: Add yet another libvirt based app (Michal Privoznik)
- conf: Document all VIR_DOMAIN_DEF_PARSE_* flags (Peter Krempa)
- Minor typo fixes in documentation (Christian Loehle)
- util: Add space before comment end marker (Andrea Bolognani)
- docs: Update devguide.html to point to the new Python dev guide (Daniel P. Berrange)
- docs: Remove last use of double semicolon in Makefile (Martin Kletzander)
- tools: Link libvirt.la and readline to libvirt_shell.a (Michal Privoznik)
- util: Add win32 version of virFileUnlink (Martin Kletzander)
Bug Fixes:
- qemu: Fix dynamic_ownership qemu.conf setting (Cole Robinson)
- virsh: Preserve startupPolicy in change-media command (Michal Privoznik)
- Create a shallow copy for volume building only if supported (Ján Tomko)
- Update pool allocation with new values on volume creation (Ján Tomko)
- conf: Fix virtType check (John Ferlan)
- qemu: Make virtType of type virDomainVirtType (Shivangi Dhir)
- Use daemon log facility for journald (Guido Günther)
- domain: Fix migratable XML with graphics/@listen (Jiri Denemark)
- qemu: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK (John Ferlan)
- qemu: Clean up ret in qemuDomainSaveMemory and qemuDomainSaveInternal (John Ferlan)
- qemu: Resolve Coverity CHECKED_RETURN (John Ferlan)
- virsh: Resolve Coverity DEADCODE (John Ferlan)
- tests: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK (John Ferlan)
- tests: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK (John Ferlan)
- virDomainRestore: Don't keep transient domains around (Michal Privoznik)
- virDomainCreateXML: Make domain definition transient (Michal Privoznik)
- virDomainCreateXML: Don't remove persistent domains on error (Michal Privoznik)
- virsh: Fix job status indicator for 0 length block jobs (Peter Krempa)
- qemu: Refresh memory size only on fresh starts (Peter Krempa)
- client rpc: Process pending data on error (Jiri Denemark)
- conf: escape string for disk driver name attribute (Luyao Huang)
- Makefile: fix build fail when make rpm (Luyao Huang)
- tests: Avoid use of virQEMUDriverCreateXMLConf(NULL) (Michal Privoznik)
- qemuTestDriverInit: init the driver lock too (Michal Privoznik)
- Revert "qemu: Fix integer/boolean logic in qemuSetUnprivSGIO" (John Ferlan)
- qemu: ppc64: Align memory sizes to 256MiB blocks (Peter Krempa)
- qemu: command: Align memory sizes only on fresh starts (Peter Krempa)
- test driver: don't unlock pool after freeing it (David Mansfield)
- qemuDomainChangeDiskLive: Allow startupPolicy change (Michal Privoznik)
- qemu: Fix some corner cases in persistent migration (Jiri Denemark)
- qemu: Don't report false errors in migration protocol v2 (Jiri Denemark)
- qemu: Kill domain when migration finish fails (Jiri Denemark)
- libxl: fix AttachDeviceConfig on hostdev type (Chunyan Liu)
- qemu: Fix using guest architecture as lookup key (Andrea Bolognani)
- libxl: fix compiler error introduced by commit ba25c214 (Jim Fehlig)
- Ignore virtio-mmio disks in qemuAssignDevicePCISlots() (Pavel Fedin)
- security_selinux: Take @privileged into account (Michal Privoznik)
- qemu: Allow others to browse /var/lib/libvirt/qemu (Martin Kletzander)
- qemu: hotplug: Properly clean up drive backend if frontend hotplug fails (Peter Krempa)
- xen: fix race in refresh of config cache (Daniel P. Berrange)
- libxl: don't end job for ephemeal domain on start failure (Ian Campbell)
- qemu: Report error if per-VM directory cannot be created (Martin Kletzander)
- Revert "docs: Drop unused rule for internals/%.html.tmp target" (Martin Kletzander)
- conf: fix crash when parsing a unordered NUMA <cell/> (Luyao Huang)
- admin: Resolve leaked reference to private data (Erik Skultety)
- util: Avoid Coverity FORWARD_NULL (John Ferlan)
- virfile: Avoid Coverity IDENTICAL_BRANCHES error (John Ferlan)
- lxc: Avoid Coverity SIZEOF_MISMATCH (John Ferlan)
- qemu: Check virGetLastError return value for migration finish failure (John Ferlan)
- qemu: Need to check for machine.os when using ADDRESS_TYPE_CCW (John Ferlan)
- libxl: don't overwrite error from virNetSocketNewConnectTCP() (Jim Fehlig)
- util: don't use netlink to save/set mac for macvtap+passthrough+802.1Qbh (Laine Stump)
- remoteClientCloseFunc: Don't mangle connection object refcount (Michal Privoznik)
- vshInit: Don't leak @histsize_env (Michal Privoznik)
- conf: Add new VIR_DOMAIN_VIRT_NONE enum (Shivangi Dhir)
- vsh: create a noinstall libvirt_shell library (Erik Skultety)
- qemu: Move vm->persistent check into qemuDomainRemoveInactive (Michal Privoznik)
- Remove redundand assignment (Martin Kletzander)
- qemuDomainDeviceDefPostParse: Drop useless checks (Michal Privoznik)
- qemu: Align memory module sizes to 2MiB (Peter Krempa)
- virsh: Notify users about disconnects (Jiri Denemark)
- client rpc: Report proper error for keepalive disconnections (Jiri Denemark)
- Use VIR_DIV_UP macro where possible (Martin Kletzander)
- spec: Fix some warnings with latest rpmbuild (Cole Robinson)
- test: Add test to validate that memory sizes don't get updated on migration (Peter Krempa)
- conf: Don't always recalculate initial memory size from NUMA size totals (Peter Krempa)
- conf: Pre-calculate initial memory size instead of always calculating it (Peter Krempa)
- conf: Rename max_balloon to total_memory (Peter Krempa)
- conf: Split memory related post parse stuff into separate function (Peter Krempa)
- conf: Add XML parser flag that will allow us to do incompatible updates (Peter Krempa)
- conf: Drop VIR_DOMAIN_DEF_PARSE_CLOCK_ADJUST flag (Peter Krempa)
- qemu: Make memory alignment helper more universal (Peter Krempa)
- conf: Add helper to determine whether memory hotplug is enabled for a vm (Peter Krempa)
- libxl: vz: Use accessor instead of direct access for max_balloon (Peter Krempa)
- Removed unneeded check (Pavel Fedin)
- tests: use mockup cache (Pavel Fedin)
- Implement infrastracture for mocking up QEMU capabilities cache (Pavel Fedin)
- tests: split out common qemu driver initialization (Pavel Fedin)
- virfile: Use virProcessWait in virDirCreate (John Ferlan)
- virfile: Use virProcessWait in virFileUnlink (John Ferlan)
- virfile: Use virProcessWait in virFileOpenForked (John Ferlan)
- virfile: Rename virFileUnlink to virFileRemove (John Ferlan)
- vz: remove error logging from prlsdkUUIDParse (Maxim Nestratov)
- qemuDomainDiskChangeSupported: Fill in missing checks (Michal Privoznik)
- qemu: s/virDomainDiskDiffersSourceOnly/qemuDomainDiskChangeSupported/ (Michal Privoznik)
- qemuDomainChangeDiskLive: rework slightly (Michal Privoznik)
- qemu_domain: Introduce qemuDomainDiskSourceDiffers (Michal Privoznik)
- qemu: s/qemuDomainChangeDiskMediaLive/qemuDomainChangeDiskLive/ (Michal Privoznik)
- qemuDomainUpdateDeviceConfig: Allow startupPolicy update, yet again (Michal Privoznik)
- qemu: Queue events in migration Finish phase ASAP (Jiri Denemark)
- qemuDomainEventQueue: Check if event is non-NULL (Jiri Denemark)
- qemu: Don't fail migration on save status failure (Jiri Denemark)
- qemu: Simplify qemuMigrationFinish (Jiri Denemark)
- qemu: Split qemuMigrationFinish (Jiri Denemark)
- vmx: Expose datacenter path in domain XML (Matthias Bolte)
- virfile: Check for existence of dir in virFileDeleteTree (John Ferlan)
- virsh: Teach attach-interface to --print-xml (Michal Privoznik)
- libxl: open libxl log stream with libvirtd log_level (Jim Fehlig)
- virSecurityManager: Track if running as privileged (Michal Privoznik)
- security_selinux: Replace SELinuxSCSICallbackData with proper struct (Michal Privoznik)
- virSecuritySELinuxSetSecurityAllLabel: drop useless virFileIsSharedFSType (Michal Privoznik)
- qemu: Do not allow others into per-VM subdirectories (Martin Kletzander)
- qemu: command: Report stderr from qemu-bridge-helper (Cole Robinson)
- tests: Don't use testutils in mock libraries (Martin Kletzander)
- qemu: Try several network devices when looking for a default (Andrea Bolognani)
- qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_VIRTIO_NET (Andrea Bolognani)
- qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_E1000 (Andrea Bolognani)
- qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_RTL8139 (Andrea Bolognani)
- qemu: migration: Relax enforcement of memory hotplug support (Peter Krempa)
- vmx: Add handling for CDROM devices with SCSI passthru (Matthias Bolte)
- vmx: The virVMXParseDisk deviceType can be NULL, add some missing checks (Matthias Bolte)
- cpu: Introduce IvyBridge CPU model (Jiri Denemark)
- virsh: Slightly rework cmdDomblklist (Michal Privoznik)
- .gitignore: Ignore the correct rename example binary (Michal Privoznik)
- examples: Add missing build data for 'rename' (Martin Kletzander)
- conf: Remove need for a couple of sa_asserts (John Ferlan)
- Change name of the domain upon successful rename (Martin Kletzander)
- Add example that renames domain there and back (Martin Kletzander)
- examples: Add example polkit ACL rules (Jiri Denemark)
- qemu: Introduce qemuDomainMachineIsS390CCW (John Ferlan)
- vsh: Make vshInitDebug static (Erik Skultety)
- virsh: Do not make interactive mode default (Erik Skultety)
- vsh: Introduce vshInitReload (Erik Skultety)
- vsh: adjust vshInit signature and remove redundant error label (Erik Skultety)
- domain-conf: escape string for socket attribute (Pavel Hrdina)
- util: make virNetDev(Replace|Restore)MacAddress public functions (Laine Stump)
- virfile: Add error for root squash change mode failure (John Ferlan)
- qemu: add udp interface support (Jonathan Toppins)
- Post release version bump to 1.2.20 (Ján Tomko)

- maint: Remove control characters from LGPL license file (Andrea Bolognani)
- vmx: Some whitespace cleanup (Matthias Bolte)

  Thanks everybody who contributed to this release, be it with code, ideas,
bug reports, etc !

    Enjoy !


Daniel Veillard      | Open Source and Standards, Red Hat
veillard at redhat.com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
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