[libvirt] [PATCH 00/12] Have 'buildVol' callers to clean up after themselves

John Ferlan jferlan at redhat.com
Fri Oct 9 13:33:59 UTC 2015

NOTE: Although one may consider this a v2 of :


It's more tackling the same problem a different way...

Rather than pass a 'created' boolean around, this series investigated
each of the 'createVol' and 'buildVol' paths in order to make more
conscious decisions related to whether or not a volume was created and
to handle failures after creation by deleting the volume/file.

The end result is that all the 'buildVol' backends will now delete
the volume they created on error paths leaving the storage driver to
only need to remove the volume from the pool.

As such this series will also revert a prior patch in this area.

John Ferlan (12):
  storage: Remove duplicitous refreshVol in RBD buildVol
  storage: Remove duplicitous refreshVol in Sheepdog buildVol
  storage: Fix a resource leak in storageVolCreateXML
  storage: Track successful creation of LV for removal
  storage: On error unlink created file in virFileOpen{As|Forked}
  storage: On error rmdir created directory in virDirCreate[NoFork]
  storage: Rework error paths for virStorageBackendCreateExecCommand
  storage: Cleanup failures virStorageBackendCreateExecCommand
  storage: Cleanup failures in virStorageBackendCreateRaw
  storage: Pull volume removal from pool in storageVolDeleteInternal
  Revert "storage: Prior to creating a volume, refresh the pool"
  storage: On 'buildVol' failure don't delete the volume

 src/storage/storage_backend.c          | 38 +++++++++++++++++------
 src/storage/storage_backend_logical.c  |  5 ++-
 src/storage/storage_backend_rbd.c      |  3 --
 src/storage/storage_backend_sheepdog.c |  5 +--
 src/storage/storage_driver.c           | 56 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 src/util/virfile.c                     | 22 ++++++++++++-
 6 files changed, 88 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)


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