[libvirt] qemu-agent-command via isa-serial for freebsd

Martin Kletzander mkletzan at redhat.com
Fri Oct 30 10:46:26 UTC 2015

On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 01:32:34PM +0300, Vasiliy Tolstov wrote:
>2015-10-30 13:08 GMT+03:00 Michal Privoznik <mprivozn at redhat.com>:
>> Yeah, something like that could work. Mind proposing patch?
>Does it possible to get something like this:
><serial type='unix'>
>  <source mode='bind' path='/tmp/serial.sock'/>
>  <target name='org.qemu....' port='0'/>
>  <alias name='serial2'/>
>i'm not understand does target for serial can have name.
>qemuFindAgentConfig uses if (STREQ_NULLABLE(channel->target.name,
>"org.qemu.guest_agent.0")) {

That doesn't make sense to me.  virtio channel can have a name, but
isa serial cannot, that name wouldn't make sense.  Also, how would you
identify to which serial port to attach in the guest-agent?

>Vasiliy Tolstov,
>e-mail: v.tolstov at selfip.ru
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