[libvirt] [PATCH libvirt-java] Require at least Java 8

Wido den Hollander wido at widodh.nl
Wed Sep 2 15:38:03 UTC 2015

On 02-09-15 14:57, Claudio Bley wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 1:53 PM, Wido den Hollander <wido at widodh.nl
> <mailto:wido at widodh.nl>> wrote:
>     > I know nothing about libvirt-java, but maybe you can be more
>     verbose why
>     > this change is needed.
>     >
>     The current code doesn't compile under Java 7, but Java 7 is also EOL.
> That should not be the case. Can you provide the error messages or
> simply point to the place where Java 8 classes are used?

    [javac] Compiling 98 source files to
    [javac] warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in
conjunction with -source 1.7
error: incompatible types: inference variable T#1 has incompatible upper
bounds Enum<T#2>,T#3
    [javac]         return this.type.obtain(this.detail);
    [javac]                                ^
    [javac]   where T#1,T#2,T#3 are type-variables:
    [javac]     T#1 extends Enum<T#1> declared in method <T#1>obtain(int)
    [javac]     T#2 extends T#3
    [javac]     T#3 extends Enum<T#3>,DomainEventDetail declared in
method <T#3>getDetail()
    [javac] 1 error
    [javac] 1 warning

>     Java 8 is the way forward since there won't be any security fixes for
>     Java 7 anymore.
> Yes, but maybe there're some distributions / organizations which still
> depend on Java 7 or 6. I don't want to raise the bar without good reason.

Ok, fair enough. I think that Java 8 is fine since that is available in
the major distributions.

But if the compile issue can be fixed we can probably require at least
Java 7. I think Java 6 is dangerous.


> -- 
> Claudio

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