[libvirt] [PATCH v2 05/12] migration: refactor: merge direct and p2p into unmanaged

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Thu Sep 17 14:13:44 UTC 2015

On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 04:20:17PM +0300, Nikolay Shirokovskiy wrote:
> p2p plain and direct function are good candidates for code reuse. Their main
> function is same - to branch among different versions of migration protocol and
> implementation of this function is also same. Also they have other common
> functionality in lesser aspects. So let's merge them.
> But as they have different signatures we have to get to convention on how to
> pass direct migration 'uri' in 'dconnuri' and 'miguri'. Fortunately we alreay
> have such convention in parameters passed to toURI2 function, just let's follow
> it. 'uri' is passed in miguri and dconnuri is ignored.
> Signed-off-by: Nikolay Shirokovskiy <nshirokovskiy at virtuozzo.com>
> ---
>  src/libvirt-domain.c |  140 ++++++++++++++------------------------------------
>  1 files changed, 39 insertions(+), 101 deletions(-)

Took a while to understand the URI passing, but I think it looks sane, so ACK

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