[libvirt] Fixing libvirt's libxl driver breakage -- where to define LIBXL_API_VERSION?

Wei Liu wei.liu2 at citrix.com
Tue Apr 5 11:39:36 UTC 2016

Hi libvirt maintainers,

Xen's control library libxenlight (libxl) requires application
(libvirt in this case) to explictily define LIBXL_API_VERSION. This is
lacking at the moment so libvirt's libxl driver always gets the latest
APIs. We changed one of the APIs in libxl so libvirt's libxl driver
can't build at the moment.

I want to submit a patch for libvirt to define LIBXL_API_VERSION, but
I'm not sure where I should add that to. Can you give me some
pointers? Or even better -- a specific file that I should edit?
src/Makefile.am and src/Makfile.in are good candicate to me as far as
I can tell.


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