[libvirt] problem with rbd auth after switch to secret objects

John Ferlan jferlan at redhat.com
Tue Aug 16 11:44:47 UTC 2016


> It appears that the libvirt code for CURL is also using the legacy syntax
> so probably needs the same fix too. It looks like ISCSI takes the same
> codepath in libvirt as CURL, so probably nedes the same fix.
> I can't tell for sure though, since it appears we never added any unit
> tests for CURL + ISCSI with password secrets :-(

Well iSCSI doesn't take the password-secret path because of other issues
which I'm not sure were even fixed in qemu yet.

As for CURL, is there any test that libvirt has that uses that syntax?

In the long/short run it's qemuDomainSecretSetup which decides which
syntax to use and only an RBD volume can use the "newer" syntax.


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