[libvirt] Does libvirt live migration have error handling on port bind failure

Prasanna Kalever pkalever at redhat.com
Wed Aug 17 08:57:23 UTC 2016


This was the scenario close to 3 years back, libvirt's live migration
tries to use ports in ephemeral port range, but has no fallback to use
(an)other port(s) when the one it wants is already in use.

If some port say 49152 is already used by some application say gluster
in our case (gluster as of today also uses 49152-65535), live
migration fails because of lack of fallback mechanism in libvirt,
that's where gluster had compromised to go with some hack [1] on bug
[2] since getting that addressed in libvirt takes more time than it
does with gluster.

As may releases passed from then in libvirt, I hope now there exist a
fallback mechanism for port conflicts in libvirt.

Can someone confirm so ?

Also It will be greatly appreciable, if someone can tell how the port
binding (mostly defense on clash) works with libvirt live migration
today ?

Sincere Thanks,

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