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[libvirt] Do different Virgil3D users running have the same CANVAS fingerprint?

Canvas fingerprinting is a technique to track users based on their GPUs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canvas_fingerprinting

Someone did some testing and the good news is the fingerprint is common for all users of the same OS across all KVM users because it presents the same virtual GPU/drivers for everybody.

What I need your help to find out is whether this holds for Virgil3D users that enable graphics acceleration. (I am running on Debian and the libvirt version in the repos is too old to have this included also I don't have multiple machines)

To test this you need:

To run plain FireFox on a virtualized distro (with GL acceleration enabled in libvirt) of your choice and visit https://browserleaks.com/canvas . Then repeat the same steps with that same distro (in a VM) on another physical machine and compare values.

A good result is if you see the same numbers for both machines. That means the virtual device fingerprint is uniform for all virtual users.

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