[libvirt] how to test libvirt?

Zhangbo (Oscar) oscar.zhangbo at huawei.com
Wed Feb 24 07:31:56 UTC 2016

Hi all:
  AFAIK, there're several ways to test libvirt:
    1) virt-test, which is driven by autotest or avocado-vt, based on qemu-kvm
    2) test driver which is parall to other drivers such as qemu_driver and libxl_driver in libvirt.
    3) make -c tests, which aims to do low level tests, that is to test function modules of libvirt.
    4) libvirt-test-API

  I've got 2 questions:
    1) besides the 4 test suites, are there any other automatic-test tools?
    2) is there any testsuite used to test libxl_driver, similar to virt-test?

  Anyone knows that? Thanks in advance.


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