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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/10] Convert secret driver to use hashed object

This series replaces the usage of linked list in secret driver with a
hashed object list as was suggested in the review in the last patch of
the previous secret driver changes series:


Patch 1 - starts the ball rolling
Patch 2 - is yet another code optimization (as found in bridge_driver)
Patches 3-8 - Add the new API's "slowly" (for review purposes)
Patch 9 - replaces the usage of linked lists with the hashed object
Patch 10 - moves the secretLoadAllConfigs to secret_conf

The changes are loosely modeled after both virdomainobj and network_conf
functionality.  The real meat and potato(e)s is found in patches 5 and 9.
Other functions should be relatively straightforward.

I've done testing of various virsh secret-* commands (both valid and invalid
options) as well as performing driver start, stop, and reload testing.
Each patch was built using 'check' and 'syntax-check'.

The end result is much more code in secret_conf and much less in secret_driver.

John Ferlan (10):
  secret: Move virSecretObj to secret_conf.h
  Add secretObjFromSecret
  secret: Add hashed virSecretObj and virSecretObjList
  secret: Introduce virSecretObjListFindBy{UUID|Usage} support
  secret: Introduce virSecretObjListAdd* and virSecretObjListRemove
  secret: Introduce virSecretObjListNumOfSecrets
  secret: Introduce virSecretObjListExport
  secret: Introduce virSecretObjListGetUUIDs
  secret: Use the hashed virSecretObjList
  secret: Move and rename secretLoadAllConfigs

 src/conf/secret_conf.c     | 819 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 src/conf/secret_conf.h     |  76 ++++-
 src/libvirt_private.syms   |  11 +
 src/secret/secret_driver.c | 647 +++--------------------------------
 4 files changed, 957 insertions(+), 596 deletions(-)


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