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Re: [libvirt] ruby-libvirt mixed storage migration

On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 10:48 AM, Tim Förster - Hetzner Online AG <tim foerster hetzner de> wrote:

rebuilding the gem is not quite easy. I am not able to find the actual gemspec. There are also some

The gemspec is in the git repository.  You should be able to clone git://libvirt.org/ruby-libvirt.git, then run "rake gem" to get a new gem.
missing features, which are available though virsh. Such as 'virsh domblklist' to find out the
actual registered block targets or rate limiting with iotune the burst iops.

ruby-libvirt aims to expose the libvirt API through ruby, not the virsh API.  Sometimes virsh provides additional functionality on top of the libvirt API, which will not necessarily be implemented in ruby-libvirt.  In this particular case, virsh domblklist parses virDomainGetXMLDesc() to output a list of block devices.  virDomainGetXMLDesc() is supported by ruby-libvirt, but domblklist itself would not be.  That being said, it should be fairly straightforward to implement it in ruby by first calling dom.xml_desc(), and then parsing the output with your favorite ruby XML parsing library.


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