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Re: [libvirt] Does the proposed solution belong in KVM input devices?

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 04:21:23AM +0100, bancfc openmailbox org wrote:
qemu-discuss doesn't seem the best place to reach the devs.

I saw most of the work on KVM input devices was done by Gerd Hoffman and
Dan Berrange. Dan do you think the QEMU virtual keyboard is the right
place for a solution similar to the one described below?


Would this be considered feature creep and best implemented in its own

What exactly are you trying to implement.  Something similar to the
chrome plug-in but for the whole virtual machine?  I would imagine that
would be best either in the viewer software (e.g. virt-viewer, spicy,
etc.), most probably implementing new one that takes care about only
sending the events with preset dwell and gap times.  In the VM itself
that would be probably some type of keyboard, but that sounds more
related to the hypervisor level and I imagine that could be done as a
special type of keyboard.  But a) I'm not sure if that would cover all
input from all clients and b) I have no idea what's QEMU community's
view on this.  I'm sure, however, that if the person sending patches for
such feature is able to commit to maintaining the code, then they will
be pretty inclusive.

Just my $.02

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