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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 20/24] hostdev: Save netdev configuration of actual device


>> And yes, I'm still curious about virHostdevPCINodeDeviceDetach and how
>> that plays into things.
> What exactly is confusing you about that function?

It's somewhere that puts devices on the inactiveList via
virPCIDeviceDetach and my eyes/brain kept telling me, don't go there,
you don't want to confuse yourself, stay away, it's a trap.

I think it was more of how does it play in the whole scheme of things...
Then something written in 21 or 22 perhaps made me think that part of
the process of "self managing" whether the device is attached to the
host or not is something telling libvirt via that function that the
device was detached.  It doesn't care about the domain, just the device.

> So well, it's almost dinner time here, respin's coming tomorrow
> I guess :)

I'll go restock the fridge!


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