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[libvirt] [libxl] shutdown a domain before it finishes starting

Hi all:
    Suppose we have a guest domain which is pvops, for example, rhel6.4. 

    Steps to produce the problem:
    1 start the guest by virDomainCreate() 
    2 the API returns before the guest domain fully available, which means, the disks, network interfaces and some import services are not available inside the guest.
    3 we call virDomainShutdown() to shutdown the guest.

    Expected result:
      The guest got shutdown.

    The result in fact:
      Because the guest is not available when we call virDomainShutdown(), it couldn't  respond to our 'shutdown' xenstore request, the guest turns on later, rather than shutting down.

    So , the question is:
       In libxl_driver( xen-hypervisor environment), how can we tell that the guest is available or not, and is it suitable to shutdown the guest at that moment?

Thanks in advance.

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