[libvirt] [PATCH 0/3] libxl: support Xen migration stream V2

Andrew Cooper andrew.cooper3 at citrix.com
Tue May 3 12:34:16 UTC 2016

On 03/05/16 02:01, Jim Fehlig wrote:
> Hi all,
> This patch adds support for Xen migration stream V2 to the libvirt
> libxl driver. In the process it fixes save/restore and migration
> tests in OSSTest, which have been failing since libvirt commit
> e7440656.
> Patch1 changes the libxl API requirement from version 4.2 to 4.4,
> enabling use of an extended libxl_domain_create_restore() function
> that allows passing restore parameters such as stream version.
> Patch2 adds support for migration stream V2 in the basic save/restore
> logic, taking advantage of a save image header that includes a version
> field. The version is set to '2' if the host produces a V2 migration
> stream. This patch fixes the failing save/restore tests in OSSTest.
> Patch3 adds support for migration stream V2 in the migration logic.
> The migration code does not use the save image header and instead
> uses libvirt's migration protocol to transfer domain configuration
> and other such goodies from source to destination. The patch
> enables sending version information in the Begin and Prepare
> migration phases so the correct stream version information can be
> passed to libxl_domain_create_restore(). An upshot of this approach
> is safely detecting and aborting a migration from a V2 host to a
> V1-only host. This patch fixes the failing migration tests in
> OSSTest.

LGTM (although I can't comment on the libvirt internals).


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