[libvirt] Introducing Fabian Freyer (GSoC 2016 student)

Fabian Freyer fabian.freyer at physik.tu-berlin.de
Thu May 12 03:35:11 UTC 2016


I'd also like to introduce myself.

My name is Fabian Freyer, and I'm very happy to be accepted as a GSoC
student this year. I currently study physics at the Technical University
of Berlin, but am working as a sysadmin in the FreeBSD world. Since my
project "Improving libvirt support for bhyve" has been detailed by my
mentor already, I won't go into more detail there. In the last weeks
I've been doing some research and preparation, and would like to start
submitting some first, rather trivial patches soon, to get into the
patch committing process.

For anyone looking to keep track of my progress, I have a wiki page [1]
for this project, where I am keeping track of my goals and progress, as
well as open questions that arise. When dealing with these, I'd
explicitely ask them on this list where applicable.

On that note, I have my first question: in the virHypervisorDriver
struct for different drivers, fields are commented by a version number.
For patches, what version number should be added there? I assume the
upcoming release (1.3.5)?

Fabian Freyer


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