[libvirt] Process to upstream new driver for proprietary hypervisor?

Scott Bissett sbissett at forcepoint.com
Thu May 19 15:19:50 UTC 2016


I am currently implementing a libvirt driver for my company's proprietary custom hypervisor. I have used the VMware driver as a design template, since it is interfacing a closed-source hypervisor as well.

Ultimately, as we approach a minimally-usable implementation, we would like to upstream our driver mods to libvirt source. What is the process to do so? This is all new to me and my organization.

For some brief background info, I am maintaining a git repo of our new code, plus ed scripts to modify libvirt source files. I am using quilt to create patches which are given to dpkg-buildpackage to create our own .deb packages. (I am working on Ubuntu at the moment; soon I will try to address repackaging rpms for CentOS).

I appreciate any tips, pointers, suggestions, etc.

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