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Re: [libvirt] Release of libvirt-1.3.4

написане Sun, 01 May 2016 05:17:53 +0300, Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com>:

  As planned, it's out ! I tagged the release in git and pushed the
signed tarball and rpms to the usual place:
I also pushed the corresponding libvirt-python release to
 This is a rather large release especially considering that it's only
a bit over 3 weeks since 1.3.3 went out. The amount of changes related
to documentation and portability (especially FreeBSD and old Linuxes/gcc)
is larger than usual  . And as usual quite a lot of incremental
improvements, internal refactoring of code and bug fixes !


Many thanks for those involved in this release preparation.

Just a quick note about translations. It is very discouraging to see the release dated with 2016 with translations dated back in 2014. Personally, I worked hard to update translation to the latest catalog from Zanata just to see it is not used. :'(

A tutorial on how to make releases from libguestfs team:



Push and pull from Zanata.


 zanata push
to push the latest POT files to Zanata. Then run:

which is a wrapper to pull the latest translated *.po files.

A script to pull translations:

set -e

echo zanata po pull
zanata po pull

# Remove PO files that have no translations in them.
for f in po/*.po do
    if ! grep -q '^msgstr "[^"]' $f; then
        echo rm $f
        rm $f

Libvirt team should either remove the translation infrastructure to not fool around Fedora translators or use the translations properly (as it does Ubuntu with its LP translations).

Thanks for your time on reading this.

Best regards,

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