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Re: [libvirt] NFS over AF_VSOCK in <filesystem>

On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 4:57 PM, Stefan Hajnoczi <stefanha redhat com> wrote:
> virtio-vsock support has been added to the nfs-ganesha NFS server.  I'm
> currently working on upstreaming virtio-vsock into Linux and QEMU.  I
> also have patches for the Linux NFS client and server.
> Users wishing to share a file system with the guest will need to
> configure the NFS server.  Perhaps libvirt could handle that given that
> it already has <filesystem> syntax.
> The basic task is setting up either the kernel nfsd or nfs-ganesha for
> the VM to access the NFS export(s).  When the VM is destroy the NFS
> server can be shut down.

For anyone interested in how configuring a running ganesha instance
works in practice, here is how it is done by the glusterfs Manila

(The short answer is "DBUS" :-))


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