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[libvirt] VirtualBox 5 support

Dear libvirt-developer-team,

I want to manage virtual machine of VirtualBox with libvirt. In a test I found out, that VirtualBox 5 is not support by the current version of libvirt. For this reason I have added this support in the source code. Now I want to commit these changes to the libvirt project, but I do not know, if there are any interests. Who can help me?

Best Regards
Martin Pietsch
Technische Univeristät Dresden
Fakultät Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften / Fachrichtung Mathematik

Besucheranschrift       Willersbau, C-Flügel (Anbau), Raum C 232
                        Zellescher Weg 12-14
                        01069 Dresden

Postanschrift           Technische Universität Dresden
                        Fachrichtung Mathematik
                        01062 Dresden

Telefon                 +49-351-463 32646
Fax                     +49-351-463 37114
E-Mail                   martin pietsch tu-dresden de

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