[libvirt] Release of libvirt-3.6.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Wed Aug 2 02:17:19 UTC 2017

  As planned I tagged the release in git and generated signed tarball and rpms
for the release, they can be found at the usual place:


I also cut a libvirt-python-3.6.0 release, it is virtually identical to
3.5.0 except for the version bump (i.e. no commits) available at


  Version 3.6.0 seems to be a reasonably sized release, with a lot of QEmu
related commit, and a balance of features, improvements and bug fixes:

New features:

- hyperv: Implement virDomainSetMemory and virDomainSendKey APIs

- qemu: Support multiple PHBs for pSeries guests
    pSeries guests can now have multiple PHBs (PCI Host Bridges), which
    show up as separate PCI domains in the guest. To create additional
    PHBs, simply add PCI controllers with model pci-root to the guest

- qemu: Isolate hostdevs on pSeries guests
    To enable better error reporting and recovery, unrelated hostdevs will
    now be automatically isolated on pSeries guests by placing them on
    separate PHBs (PCI Host Bridges).


- qemu: platform serial devices can now use chardev features
    QEMU VMs that depend on platform serial devices can now use QEMU's
    -chardev option, which enables access to advanced features like log
    file configuration. This applies to the default serial devices for arm,
    aarch64, and some ppc configurations.

- Require use of GCC 4.4 or Clang compilers
    We only ever test libvirt with GCC or Clang (which provides a GCC
    compatible compilation environment). Between them, these compilers
    cover every supported operating system platform, including Windows.

- qemu: shared disks with directsync cache should be safe for migration
    At present shared disks can be migrated with either readonly or
    cache=none. But cache=directsync should be safe for migration, because
    both cache=directsync and cache=none don't use the host page cache, and
    cache=direct write through qemu block layer cache.

- Handle hotplug change on VLAN configuration using OVS
    Libvirt was taught to handle VLAN change for running OVS interface.

Bug fixes:

- qemu: Use vCPU 'node-id' property and pass it back to qemu
    vCPU properties gathered from query-hotpluggable-cpus need to be passed
    back to QEMU. As QEMU did not use the node-id property until now and
    libvirt forgot to pass it back properly (it was parsed but not passed
    around) we did not honor this.

- Miscellaneous stream fixes
    After introducing sparse stream features there were still some known
    bugs left. Those are fixed in this release.

- qemu: Miscellaneous domain NS fixes
    Libvirt starts qemu domains in separate Linux namespaces for a while
    now. However, there were still some bugs lingering. For instance
    libvirt did not know how to handle file based bind mounts.

- Various CPU driver improvements
    There were some minor bugs when using 'host-model' CPU.

  Thanks everybody for your contributions to this release, be it with patches,
reviews, ideas, bug reports, documentation, etc ...

   Enjoy the release !


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